Maryvale Family Learning Center

Maryvale Family Learning Center

The Maryvale Family Learning Center (FLC) has become an importan part of the community offering a variety of services and programs designed to promote healthy lifestyles, advance early childhood education, enhance parenting skills and provide information on community referral agencies.  The FLC partners with community agencies and organizations to offers a variety of classes on a monthly basis such as Parenting, Science on Wheels, Music Together, Raising a Reader, CPR to name just a few.  One of the goals of the FLCs and the Coordinators is to offer our families opportunities to improve their health, education and quality of life.  All classes and programs are offered at no cost to our community.

Services include:

  • Health Information: We can give you information on a health topic such as a disease, treatment, test, or preventative health.  Common questions are pregnancy, parenting, child development, diabetes, and asthma.
  • Community Referrals: You may ask questions that sometimes require us to connect you to a community agency. Questions about car seats, shelters, children’s activities, and health insurance are popular.
  • Classes: The FLCs have many classes each month. Some are parenting, nutrition, safety, child development, and support groups.  Click here for our newsletter: http://mihs.org/flc/flceducation-classes
  • Literacy Activities: The FLCs offer adults and children opportunities to improve their literacy. For example, we have storytimes for children. Click here for our newsletter: http://mihs.org/flc/flceducation-classes
  • Enrollment Assistance: We can also help with public benefit programs.


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